5 étapes contre le vol de vélo

5 steps to prevent bike theft

Bicycle theft is on the rise and remains one of the main obstacles to daily bicycle use. Indeed, the use of a bicycle in certain cities is essential to get around easily, but how can you protect your bicycle against theft?

Discover the 5 steps to prevent bike theft:

You don't need much to significantly reduce the risk of theft. To begin with, it is important to have reliable and robust protective equipment. 

1- Choosing the padlock is an essential step, choose a robust padlock with a high level of security. There are several types of locks (U lock, frame lock, chain lock, cable lock, etc.). Ask your bike dealer for advice on which lock is best suited to your bike. 

2- Securing your bike correctly is essential to optimize your safety. In fact, it is important to always hang your bike at a fixed point (barrier, bike rack, post, etc.) whether at home or in the street. Properly securing your bike with an appropriate lock can reduce the risk of theft by more than 90%. 

3- Having your bike marked is very important in the event of theft. The marking will allow the bicycle to be identified if it is found in order to be returned to its owner. Since 2021, the marking of new bicycles and electric bikes has become mandatory. 

4- Taking out insurance for your bike has also become an increasingly common practice. It can be taken out directly with your insurance or by insurers specializing in urban mobility. Indeed, certain bicycles, particularly electric bicycles, can be very expensive and it would therefore be wise to insure them in the same way as a car, motorcycle, etc.

5- Equipping your bike with a GPS tracking solution is also a good addition in the event of theft. The tracker allows you to know in real time where the bike is and to be alerted in the event of suspicious movement.

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