Traceur GPS pour vélo électrique : une solution pour sécuriser son vélo

GPS tracker for electric bikes: a solution to secure your bike

Bicycle theft has become a scourge in France and around the world. The number of bicycles and electric bicycles continues to increase, but what can I do to prevent theft as much as possible and what accessory should I choose to secure my bicycle?

What is a GPS tracker for bicycles and electric bikes?

The GPS tracker for bicycles is a device that is installed directly on the bicycle. There are different types of trackers, for muscle bikes and for electrically assisted bikes (the tracker is connected to a connector on the motor or battery). The tracker must be placed discreetly so as not to be spotted and destroyed in the event of theft.

The tracker allows you to have the GPS position of your bike in real time, to be alerted in the event of suspicious movement and many other functionalities depending on the products (for example to visualize your journeys, to have data and statistics on the use…) 

However, you should not confuse tracker and anti-theft device. The GPS tracker is not an anti-theft device, it helps find the bike in the event of theft by locating it. 

Why equip your bike with a GPS tracker?

Every year, around 400,000 bicycles are stolen in France and only 1 to 2% are returned to their owner.

Equipping your bike with a tracker increases the chances of finding your bike in the event of theft. In fact, the installation of trackers on bicycles is becoming more and more common. 

As we can see, equipping your electric bike with a GPS tracker has many advantages: 

  • Secure the bike/electric bike in case of theft 
  • Locate the actual position of the bike at any time 
  • Be alerted in the event of suspicious movement or theft
  • Have information about daily use
  • Fight against receiving stolen goods or reselling the bike by locating it 
  • Be reassured when you leave your bike unattended, for example tied up in a street. 

Where to equip yourself and buy your tracker? 

Purchasing a bike tracker can be done both online and in store. Indeed, many trackers are available on specialized sites and on e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Ebay, etc.). Recently, more and more stores specializing in the sale of bicycles and accessories have started selling this type of product. You will therefore probably be able to find trackers in certain stores in your city. That

Regarding the price, it can be different depending on the products and the quality of service provided with them. 

Indeed, some trackers are sold with subscriptions and others, where a monthly or weekly subscription must be added to the purchase price of the tracker. It is important to find out about this beforehand to choose the tracker best suited to your vehicle.

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