Quelles sont les bonnes pratiques en cas de vol ?

What are the best practices in the event of theft?

If you are the victim of theft despite your protective accessories, it is important to react quickly and follow a procedure to maximize your chances of finding your vehicle.

What are the best practices in the event of theft?

1- File a complaint at a police station or directly online by completing a pre-complaint . For it to be registered as a complaint, you will need to sign this declaration at a gendarmerie or police station.

When filing a formal complaint, it is important to bring the bicycle documents (the purchase invoice for your bicycle, your identity papers, your Bicycode passport and a photo of the bicycle if you have ) 

2- Report stolen to your insurance and also very important (only if you have taken out insurance for this). It is necessary to do it as quickly as possible to inform.

3- Declaring it stolen on the bicycode site will allow you to be contacted by law enforcement or by an Internet user if the bike is found and identified using the marking.

4- Monitoring the ad sites will perhaps allow you to come across your bike for sale. To do this, do not hesitate to often look at the various private ad sites and put alert notifications.

If you think you see your bike in a suspicious advertisement, contact a police station to inform them. 

Zero risk does not exist, be preventive to reduce the risk of theft as much as possible. Equip yourself with safety accessories adapted to your bike / VAE. Keep any proof of purchase, invoice, bicycle passport in case you need to identify your bike and prove that it belongs to you.

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